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28th-Sep-2010 08:38 pm - Mi ídola de la infancia se ha ido
looooooooove shack
Murió Romina Yan

 La actriz falleció esta tarde en una clínica en el barrio norte de San Isidro. Romina tenía 36 años y era madre de tres hijos. Un parte médico preliminar indica que la actriz sufrió un aneurisma e inexistencia de tóxicos.

La actriz habría sufrido un colapso e inmediatamente un amigo la habría llevado al hospital de San Isidro donde la intentaron reanimar durante 50 minutos sin poder lograrlo.

24th-Sep-2010 03:38 pm - Gloria Trevi Film in Development
Kirby Happy
An independent film company is developing a movie about Gloria Trevi, the fallen pop singer dubbed "Mexico's Madonna.

Swiss-born Christian Keller will make his directorial debut on "Trevi," which is to be produced by New York-based Braven Films. Company head Frida Torresblanco, who once ran Alfonso Cuaron's production company, will produce with Oscar-winning "Lord of the Rings" producer Barrie Osborne.

Famed for her wild performances and edgy lyrics about unwed motherhood and drug abuse, Trevi spent almost five years in prison earlier this decade accused of helping to kidnap and rape teenage girls lured into her cult-like musical clan. A court found her innocent in 2004, but not before she got pregnant in a Brazilian prison in a bid to avoid extradition. After she was released, she launched a successful comeback.

"'Trevi' is the perfect inaugural project for us because Gloria Trevi embodies everything we want our films to be about -- she was inspirational, creative, provocative and intriguing on so many levels," Torresblanco said.


Color me very interested. I got into her material late last year & this news makes me intrigued to see what will make the film & what won't. The drama & what not. OMG! Sound off BBs.

BB: Jordo
 Shakira Says New Record To Sound Like Old Ones

El Gordo Y La Flaca talked to Shakira about her new record "Sale El Sol" which she says reminds her a lot of her early work. (Right. Because Pies Descalzos & Donde Estan Los Ladrones? have sooo much merengue in them.) Also, she broke the law in Barcelona.
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23rd-Sep-2010 06:54 pm - Shakira "Loca" Teaser!
Kirby Happy

The Spanish version of the song is superior to the English one. Who's gonna buy their copy of "Sale El Sol" on Oct 19th?!

Jootube Source

22nd-Sep-2010 01:34 pm - Because we NEED this in our lives!!
BB: Jordo
BEP's 'I Gotta Feeling' pero ahora en español y al estilo norteño!

Enjoy and you're welcome!
Kirby Happy
It's official!

Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler will be joining Randy Jackson at the judges' table when American Idol kicks off season 10 in January.

"I'm looking for the next Michael Jackson," Lopez said before a screaming crowd at the Los Angeles Forum after Ryan Seacrest introduced her. "We're looking for the best American Idol ever."

The announcement was made during a live press conference Wednesday. Seacrest hosted the event, telling the crowd, "We are looking for the next star in music. We usually ask, who will be the next American Idol? We never asked this question, who will be the next judges on American Idol?"

Seacrest then introduced Randy Jackson, who told the crowd, "We found some unbelievable talent and I am calling season 10 the remix, baby!"

Up next, Tyler was introduced as a "rock legend." The Aerosmith frontman said joining the Idol family feels "fabulous."

"[It] feels like the perfect feathered nest," he said. "It's being a part of something much bigger than yourself. I want to bring some rock to this roller coaster."

Lopez, who dressed in a silver pant suit, was the last to be introduced.

"I love you guys. I am so excited," she told the crowd that included Idol hopefuls, there to try out for the show. "It is about concentrating in the moment, do the best you can. Just live! Just live, it's your moment."

The announcement comes with little surprise. In weeks leading up to the decision, sources told PEOPLE Lopez signed a deal worth $12 million. And Tyler himself said "probably" be a judge when the show returned in the winter.


My mom is so happy to see J.Lo. Mainly because she saw Monster In-Law a couple weeks ago on a Spanish channel. She's endearing I know!
Main question is that will J..Lo bring back to life her seminal non-hit Louboutins?

22nd-Sep-2010 01:10 pm - DREAM Act Post
lj, dick casablancas
 A DREAM Deferred: Senate Votes Against The DREAM Act
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